Your Roadmap to Success!

Your Roadmap to Success

The old saying is there are only two guarantees in life – unfortunately, neither of them are “You’re guaranteed to be wealthy.” But, what if you had a roadmap that helped you determine a route to your best earning potential?

Franchising is the system that can provide just that.

Depending on the franchise systems you investigate, some offer a financial statement in their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) – also known as an Item 19 – and others provide contact information for existing franchisees for you to gather the earnings information individually. While approximately 20% of franchises offer an Item 19, many great systems can only provide franchisee contact information.  The franchisees can provide you with a great deal of information on the system and what’s needed for success, but how comfortable are you digging into the business of a stranger? The answer is likely: not very! Thankfully we’re here to help, and assisting you in investigating franchisees’ earnings is just one of the several services we provide to help you understand your earning potential with a franchise system. We can be on the phone with you during your calls and provide you with effective questions that can get you the most valuable information.

In addition, we provide one hour of consultation with a professional accountant to help you review the system and its financial stability. We can also provide a proforma, so you can identify your breakeven point – how much revenue you’ll need to generate and a sales target outlined before you even purchase your business.

While it’s true, few things in life are guaranteed, preparation and education can come close in making you feel just as secure.

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